West Marches is Looking For You!

A West Marches Campaign is launching in Billings!

Miles and miles to the west lies untamed plains, dark forests, and merciless deserts until travelers meet with the edge of civilization. If they survive the final stretch beyond that edge, they find Fendor's Gate, a town of ill repute. While most men and women of the realm are content to spend their lives within the walls of their villages, enclaves, and holds, a very few feel the call of the wilds beyond.

By tradition, Fendor's Gate is where these men and women gather to venture forth. Bold or quiet- selfish or generous- discontent or curious- you have come here to leave the civilized lands behind and forge a new destiny for yourself, by choice or by necessity.Welcome to West Marches.

This is a way to play in a persistent world that you and a group of players explore and change with every adventure. What adventures are available? That is up to you to find. Anyone can play and anyone can DM the sessions in this sandbox.


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  • Khan Ohghel
    Khan Ohghel Khan Ohghel is son of chief of chiefs father of all orc tribes Khan will have that title one day. Khan has many siblings and many rivals for Khan to…
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  • The Grand Gates Open
    The Grand Gates Open The trumpet fanfare that rang throughout Fendor’s Gate is the most awaited noise in the city. The townsfolk and shopkeep’s faces fill with Joy as the wave of music washes…

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  • Slayyne's Tome of Templates
    Slayyne's Tome of Templates Here are some downloads of some of the most common templates I use for my session prep and campaign creation. This list will grow, as I develop, compile, or discover…
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